We were surprised by how fast does Yanet Garcia account grow. And there is a reason for it!. A really interesting person to talk about.. Year 2023 will show how does she manage it


Yanet Garcia and her way to success Palatine
How did Yanet Garcia conquer the hearts of her followers with her hottest photos

Janet Garcia - biography of the hottest TV weather presenter

In just a few years, the talented Mexican model and TV presenter Yanet Garcia has caught the attention of millions of fans with her gorgeous figure and great sense of humour. Janet is a regular weather presenter on a local TV station. But all the programmes with Janet are hugely popular with viewers. In 2016, the screen star was voted sexiest TV presenter: (Jessica Nigri) https://tiktok.com/cosplayer-gone-wild-jessica-nigri-onlyfans-leaked-pics/

Childhood and youth

Yanet Garcia's rise to fame came after a video aired on YouTube titled, "Hot weather reporter shows off but on TV - Yanet Garcia". The video included footage from the weather forecast. In just a few days after the video was published, more than 1 million people subscribed to the girl's social media accounts. Today that number has grown to 8 million. The beautiful figure of the girl did not go unnoticed, so she posed as the main model for the cover of Mexican Men's Magazine. Janet appeared before her fans in her underwear. The erotic photos only increased her popularity. Janet's original photos were repeatedly printed on the front page of Playboy and Maxim magazines. Fans were impressed by the model's hotness. At 28, Garcia is already drawing viewers' attention as the charismatic beauty wears tight clothes all over the weather, revealing her slender and trim figure. Experts say they have never seen a hotter presenter. Though the programme is brief, but Janet's episodes are the most popular on the channel.

Career achievements

In addition to her work as a TV presenter, Garcia often appears in well-paid commercials. From the age of 21, she began running a modeling school in her hometown of Monterrey. The talented young woman has launched her own collection of original swimwear and lingerie, the Yanet Garcia Collection. On the internet, Yanet often uses the pseudonym Janet. Garcia is quite a fragile girl, as her height is 168 cm and her weight does not exceed 58 kg. But for her build, she has an unusually lush and firm buttocks. Her basic anthropometric data: 

  • waist circumference: 64 cm; 
  • bra size: 34D; 
  • Hip and chest circumference: 89 cm.

Daily activities The model is actively working on her own blog, where she regularly shares the key secrets of maintaining a slim and trim figure. Yanette Garcia hits the gym at least four times a week, dedicating two hours to gruelling workouts. She places particular emphasis on exercises for the buttocks. Janet's workouts take place in a variety of settings: 

  • at well-known fitness clubs; 
  • in the park in the fresh air.

For a flat stomach, she recommends doing more frequent abs and twisting, while squats and leg lifts are ideal for slim thighs. Janet adheres to a diet that completely eliminates sweets. Her daily diet consists of fresh vegetables and complete protein foods. Only on rare occasions Yanet allows herself to eat something caloric from the Italian or Mexican menu. She works off all her calories at the gym and also does twerking. One of the presenter's favourite dishes is popcorn with salsa sauce. This is a treat she eats while watching her favourite movie. But she does not indulge in such "feasts" very often.

Rumours of plastic surgery

Many fans assume that Janet's lush buttocks are the result of surgery, not the merit of hard workouts and special diets. In such a situation, celebrities often undergo gluteoplasty, which is based on correcting the shape with special implants. But the girl says that she has not had any plastic surgery, as she prefers everything natural. Experts point out that a person's appearance depends largely on genetics, as figures of this type are often found among Latina women. This is why it's simply impossible to get a pair of glutes like that just by exercising in the gym and by dieting.

Relationship with men

The in-demand Mexican weather presenter Yanette Garcia has not yet been married. It is well known that she recently had a torrid affair with Douglas Martin, who is a professional-level cyber-sportsman. The guy is an excellent Call of Duty player. Martin is better known by his only alias Censor. The couple's romance began when the young man found a video of Janet on the Internet. He posted the video he liked on his account, indicating that he was madly in love. Martin's feelings would have gone unnoticed, but everything changed by his fans, who sent daily messages to Yanet asking her to go on a romantic date with their idol gamer. The girl was won over by the handsome guy and signed up for his page. The young people corresponded for a few days and then decided to meet. Douglas shared Janet's passion for sports training. The couple often posted photos of themselves together from the fitness centre on the internet.

Martin's opinion

When he met reporters, the determined guy told them that he had been dating Janet for three years. They met when Douglas was only 20 years old, but before that he had been in a relationship with the fairer sex since he was in high school. Martin has a very positive opinion of Janet. The couple's problems began when Janet received an invitation to work as an actress and presenter in Mexico. At first Douglas was supportive of the girl, but he had no idea how difficult it would be to maintain a good relationship. The guy had to rush between New York and Mexico City once a month. When the couple first met, the relationship was long-distance, but it was much easier then.

Now Martin has a contract and certain responsibilities to fulfil. His dream is to win the world championship. Martin claims that he can't give Janet the attention she deserves, because of which he simply had no choice but to end the relationship. The girl chose to remain silent by deleting all photos of her together from her Instagram.