Choosing a puppy is an important decision


How to choose a puppy Palatine
How to choose a puppy from a litter: simple tips

It depends on him whether the pet will be healthy, whether it will become the pride of the family - even if you do not plan to raise a champion. The conditions of detention, although important, they will not be able to change what is genetically laid down.

How to choose the right pet if you are not a professional dog breeder or veterinarian?

They all look the same! How to make a choice?

Before meeting a puppy

If there is such an opportunity, you need to look at both parents of the cub. What the mother looks like is especially important. It is necessary to assess whether her coat is shiny, whether she has lost a lot of weight by feeding the babies. If in front of you is an unfortunate emaciated creature with watery eyes, then it is obvious that the offspring did not have enough nutrients. Character is also important. A calm, balanced female will not throw herself at the owner, who shows precious puppies to a stranger.

The house should not have a strong smell of ammonia, you can ask to show what the dogs are fed, in what conditions they are kept.

The first meeting

You should not immediately pick up a fluffy ball (or Schipperke) that attracts you more than others. Observe all the litter from the side first. If you have decided in advance who you want to take - a dog or a bitch - ask the breeder to show you the puppies of the correct sex, and choose from them.

While the idea of ​​taking a rare or showy color Akita Inu seems to be the most obvious one, resist the temptation. Character and health are much more important than external data.

There are several simple tests to determine the character of the future pet. Sit down on the floor. A timid, frightened puppy will back away, hide in a den, bark hysterically. Overly active - will lash out with biting and harassment. You shouldn't choose someone who fiddles with your shoe laces and licks your nose, unless you are experienced in dog training.

Ideal - Belgian Tervuren calmly approaches to sniff and will try to start a game, falling to the floor or grabbing a toy.

The puppy should not resist stroking and scratching, willingly substituting his belly. Try to take him in your arms and turn him over on his back - will he resist, bite? If the baby breaks out more and more, this is a sign that he does not know how to calm down on his own. The opposite situation - the cub freezes like a stone, very frightened. A dog with such a psyche will not be a good companion for playing. Choose a puppy that lies in his arms relaxed, and if he breaks out slightly, then he quickly calms down himself.