VDS is the same as VPS, i.e. virtual dedicated/private server. If you are familiar with virtual machines and have ever installed a system in VirtualBox, then VPS is the same, only instead of running a virtual machine on your computer, we rent resources from a hosting provider.


What is the best laptop for hacking Palatine
A desktop computer has many advantages: it`s more powerful, it`s cheaper, it`s easier to upgrade and repair, it has a better keyboard, more ports, a bigger screen, and more.

How to choose a laptop for programming. Minimum and recommended requirements, What is the best laptop for hacking and for PHP, JavaScript, C++ programmer. Another selection of various hacker devices that should be included in the hacker's suitcase and will be useful to you for pentesting.

ARM computer

An ARM computer is a low power, low power computer. They are all different, like "large" computers, they differ in performance, ports, peripherals.

An ARM device is a great option if you need a 24/7 computer but don't want to use your main machine, pay for a VPS, and are afraid of electricity bills.

An ARM-based computer is perfect for:

  • Long-term attacks on web applications (brute-force, analysis, creating a mirror on the hard drive, etc.)
  • Long-term attacks on Wi-Fi (phishing with a rogue access point, waiting for a handshake without using deauthentication, etc.)
  • Proxy server with Tor, ad cutter and other things that can be done on a computer
  • Wi-Fi monitoring (you can not only attack, but also be in the mode of constant listening to the air for other people's attacks that have appeared within the reach of access points and clients)
  • Monitoring radio signals of various walkie-talkies, creating your own GSM base stations (with the appropriate additional equipment, of course) ...
  • The most popular, on hearing, is the Raspberry Pi 3. Of the most powerful, ODROID-C2 can be distinguished

On an ARM device, I would recommend installing an OS without a graphical desktop environment and choosing among devices that are more powerful. The result can be an assistant who is almost invisible, who never sleeps and always does something for you, while consuming almost no electricity. If you have a direct IP, you can install a web server on it, a mail server, and so on.