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Vertical Monitor Palatine
2022 Vertical Monitor - how to choose?

Some are accustomed to holding a ping-pong racket in such a way that it is even difficult to describe. There are also users who flip their widescreen computer monitors vertically. This concept did not appear yesterday or even a year ago. Users started flipping screens 90 degrees exactly when widescreen were invented. And this trend has been gaining momentum lately. In this material, we decided to figure out why this is needed and how Vertical Monitor can be useful in work.

Environment setup

I spend most of my time in meetings. When I'm there, I like to be productive and to maximize my involvement in the discussion. I like to contribute to the topic under discussion and I hate to miss the conversation because I'm looking for a tab or some document.

I immediately had to find space for two of my most used apps: Slack and Asana. In addition to Chrome, these workplace productivity tools have been my saviors in the transition to remote work. Next to them I have BlueJeans, a cool video platform with nice features like live transcription and collaborative group highlighting.

I allocate less space for Slack, because there is enough for its functioning: correspondence, tasks, meeting results, etc.

Asana needs more space. Most of the projects on this platform are arranged in a vertical orientation, so it's very convenient to link or even share the screen.

This setup works well until you need more space to focus and achieve deeper results. To do this, I organize my applications differently.

Deeper workspace preparation

After much effort to protect my calendar, I find that I no longer sit in meetings all day: I have at least one quiet hour for deep work.

The first thing you may have noticed is that I got rid of Slack. Notifications break concentration, and unread topics lure you down countless rabbit holes of procrastination. Instead, I open the chrome browser to get help material.

I like to keep a calendar on my laptop for two reasons: I usually plan a lot of meetings and get so carried away that I forget about the next meeting.

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