Gaming streaming is a profitable business. It can earn amounts comparable to the royalties of famous musicians.


Streaming ceased to be a strange hobby and turned into a business Palatine
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Here's how streamers learned how to make so much money.

How an experiment turned into a business

Streaming in gaming is an online broadcast during which the user shows the process of passing the game, comments on his actions and interacts with the audience, for example, responds to messages in chat. Content is streamed live and is not edited. However, streaming allows you to broadcast not only video games, but almost any media content - for example, online radio like SOUNDPARK DEEP.

In the form in which we are accustomed to see it now, streaming appeared in 2007, when American Justin Kahn, with the support of his friends decided on an experiment - for nine months to show his life on the Internet. To do this, he attached a webcam to his head and streamed it incessantly. The camera did not turn off even when he was asleep. The video was streamed on

There was a large number of people who were interested in following Kahn's life. This is how the entrepreneur and his friends realized that streaming could be a lucrative business. They turned into a site where anyone could broadcast and choose which direction they wanted to take the stream in. So the experiment grew into a streaming service.

The creators attracted $8 million in investment to make the idea a reality.

At the time of its launch was the only service of its kind - YouTube at that time did not yet support live broadcasts. That is why the service quickly became popular. Thousands of users began streaming everything from needlework to sports. But the most popular and sought-after category was video games.