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Do you know that morning ballet sessions have several benefits for your health as well as the community you reside in?  Palatine
And it extends beyond just the amount of calories burned during performing arts training and live performances.

This can be seen from a statement by the American Cancer Society. There haven’t been a lot of scientific studies to determine the value of art therapy for cancer patients, but clinical trials have observed a lot of benefits for the patients involved. Also, art therapy serves as a viable form of distraction and shifts the focus away from stress, anxiety and pain.

Aside from the radiant expression and grace showcased in different forms of performing arts, recent studies show how performers are reaping health benefits:

1. Singing

Singing has been linked with good health for decades, and new studies back this up. One of them found singers to have lower stress levels and lower cortisol levels. Dr. Julene K. Johnson’s 5-year study on a group of elderly singers revealed that singing can be an affordable method to promote well-being among the elders. Participants singing in a choir had fewer doctor visits and felt less lonely.

Pavia University’s Dr. Luciano Bernardi also conducted a study on random classical music tracks along with his colleagues, the findings of which revealed that tracks that had a variation between fast and slow music, like opera, were the best for the heart and blood circulation. The neck and auxiliary muscles involved in breathing are the most active in opera sessions.

Local communities are the best resort to get started with opera and choir, while online classes work well if you have a busy schedule.

2. Dancing

There have been some amazing physical transformations on Dancing With The Stars, which indicates how dancing can promote positive health. Staying with the performance arts culture, Mary Helen Bowers, who was responsible for transforming Natalie Portman for the Oscar-winning Black Swan, reveals that ballet helps in building long and lean muscles.

Jazz, another performing arts dance form, has been found to be beneficial for heart patients. Prevention states that jazz moves including pirouettes, plié and releve are great for toning the entire body. Moreover, jazz dancing also improves body posture and increases flexibility.

Jazz and ballet dance is mostly taught inside local fitness centers, colleges and community centers, but TakeLessons ballet classes show that with a good internet connection, a webcam and a mic, it is possible to get involved in lessons from any remote location. Online platforms are a blessing in disguise if, for example, you’re traveling for a few months or reside in a locality without access to dance classes.

3. Acting

Tony Noice and Drs Helga, psychologists based in the U.S., carried out a study among adults 60-86 years old. They found through the results that those who were regular in attending monthly theater workshops had better problem solving abilities and well-being psychologically compared to adults of the same age not involved in these activities.

The Drama Education Network further says that the requirements of acting in drama, as in other theater acts, improve body control, flexibility and coordination.

You can join drama classes online or search for a nearby class as in the previous two cases.