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Improving Performance through the Performing Arts! Palatine
We strongly believe that taking part in the performing arts could help children develop their confidence, self-esteem and creativity, and we wanted to see whether our parents felt the same.

The research recently conducted explored how important we feel it is that children are introduced to the performing arts. Almost 70% of parents felt that schools do not offer enough of a cultural education for today’s generation. They worry that children will grow up not knowing how to successfully communicate with others (57%).

69% felt that children have poorer social skills than 20 years ago, and 77% believe that the growing obsession with technology has had a negative effect on social skills.

The research conducted also explored in-depth the positive impact the performing arts has on the younger generation. The results of the research found that the overwhelming majority have seen improvements in their child’s confidence, social skills and general happiness and well-being as a result of studying the performing arts. Over 90% of parents surveyed believe their child feels more confident at school, with 85% seeing an improvement in academic performance.

The parents who took part in the research feel that the performing arts education their child received has contributed to improvements in their ability to:

  • Express opinions to adults they do not know (94%)
  • Listen attentively (89%)
  • Find innovative solutions to problems (91%)
  • ul> Since their child began to participate in performing arts education, parents have seen improvements in the following traits:

    • Empathy (88%)
    • Imagination (95%)
    • General happiness and well-being (95%)
    The majority of the parents who took part in the research felt that their child was more confident in every day life than children who do not participate in the performing arts.

    We believe that a focus on teaching life skills in addition to academic knowledge will help develop independent, creative learners who are more able to adapt to new situations.

    Stagecoach Theatre Arts exists to support mainstream education and provide opportunities for children and young people to experience performing arts, and all the benefits it brings, in their local community.