Patio and balcony planters, with railing supports, water reservoirs or raised pots, are perfect containers for decorating with plants and flowers.


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A must: trellis planters for climbing plants

They can be made of wood, zinc, terracotta or plastic and come in various shapes and sizes - see this website, for example, if you plan to buy flower planters in UK.

What is a flower planter

Nowadays we can find a wide range of planters in various shapes, sizes and for different uses. For any type of plant-small, large, indoor or climbing-we can always find the most suitable container to accommodate it comfortably!

The term planter generally refers to an elongated container where flowers can be planted, for example, on the balcony. However, there are containers of many other shapes and sizes and with different purposes: beautifying a terrace, enhancing a garden, growing vegetables and herbs, and even decorating the interior of a home.

A planter for every plant

Many types of planters are available depending on the plants they are to contain, location, material, etc.: pots, boxes and balcony boxes, hanging baskets. Each type of container is more or less suitable for accommodating specific plants: we can therefore speak of potted plants, box plants, balcony plants, or hanging baskets.

Planters are mainly used for terraces and balconies and are indispensable if you want to beautify these outdoor spaces with plants and flowers. In particular, balcony planters have supports so that they can be attached to a railing or balustrade. In contrast, hanging baskets or baskets, usually hemispherical in shape, can be hung from the ceiling by a chain.

These containers are primarily for annual and biennial flowering plants, but perennials can also be used to create a plant structure. Ideally, you want to have plants that remain, perennials, and others that change from time to time, annuals and biennials.

The drooping effect of flowers in hanging balconies is really pleasing. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a balcony plant:

  • the support: if the balcony is located in a building, you need to choose a support with an anchoring system for the balcony box to limit the risk of falling;
  • the balcony box, to prevent water from dripping when watering it should be equipped with a balcony saucer.

There are also so-called water reserve models, which are useful if you have a tendency to forget to water your flowers and do not want to resort to an automatic watering system.

Be careful, it is best to avoid installing hanging baskets on high floors, if the balcony is not sufficiently sheltered, because strong winds may cause them to fall.