The fieldability of latex balloons is determined by the size of the decoration.


How long can helium balloons fly? Palatine
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Medium sized balloons retain their shape and ability to fly for 12-14 hours, small balloons up to 6 hours. The most durable balloons are 90 cm and larger, they can fly for 4-6 days. The polymer coating "Hi-Float" applied on the inside surface of the balloon seals most of the pores in the latex, reliably keeping helium inside. Properly treated balloons fly for several weeks or even a month, depending on environmental conditions. It is best to buy and order helium in advance because after applying the Hi-Float solution, they need to be left alone for around two hours so that the coating has time to dry. During this time, the balloons with helium are particularly sensitive to temperature changes and mechanical stress, so with the delivery of the balloons to the place of the celebration is better to postpone.

Helium balloons or helium balloons? How not to mix it up?

Helium is an inert colorless gas that is tasteless and odorless. It is the lightest element in the universe after hydrogen. It's what helps balloons fly. And gel substances are found in household chemicals, cosmetics and cooking: toothpastes, shower and shaving gels, gel nail polishes, jellies and fruit jellies.

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