Music, TikTok videos, leaked photo: Cardi B makes scandal again!. If you follow social media trends, you surely know her. What are her plans for 2023?


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Super-sexy pics of Cardi B leaked from her private archive

During her high school days, Cardi B. dated a boy named Tommy. After graduation, they began living together, but the relationship was unsuccessful. The young men fought and even fought, but the artist couldn't move out because she wasn't welcome at home. Only by getting a job at a strip club did she save enough money to rent a flat and end her abusive relationship.

Cardi B personal life

Already popular, the singer started dating Kiri Sifuss, aka Offset. The lovers did not comment on the affair at first, but in October 2017, the performer publicly proposed to Cardi B. Interestingly, their secret wedding took place a month before. Talking about her relationship with her chosen one, the artiste admitted that she met not only love but also a friend in his person.

Even in early interviews, the performer repeatedly confessed that she loves children and dreams of a big family. Therefore, the lovers did not delay the appearance of heirs. A few months after the wedding, the star announced the pregnancy.

Fans took the news ambiguously, because her husband had already raised two illegitimate sons and a daughter from different women. Cardi B warned that she would become just "woman number four" for Offset and he would dump her after the baby was born. But the artiste assured them they were happy and in love, so she continued to enjoy preparing for motherhood.

In the summer of 2018, the star gave birth to daughter Kalce. But this joyous event was overshadowed by news of her lover's infidelity. The artiste even planned to file for divorce, but found the strength to forgive, which was resented by feminists, which Cardi B includes herself to. In response to the negative comments, she said she felt the need to work on the relationship.

It seemed that she and her husband managed to overcome the crisis and regain harmony in their personal lives. But in the autumn of 2020, the singer shocked fans with the announcement that she filed for divorce. However, two months later, she changed her mind. In December, the rap diva gave her chosen one a Lamborghini for his birthday, showing how much she cares about him.

The following summer, the celebrity shared the news that she was pregnant with her second child with her Instagram subscribers. To do so, she posted a photo with a visibly rounded belly, which she succinctly captioned "#2," and tagged her husband in the photo. On September 4, Cardi B and Offset became parents.

Cardi B now

In 2021, the star continued to delight fans with her creativity. In February, she released the single Up, which reached the top of the charts in the US. The star also talked about working on a new album, for which the song was recorded.

Facts about Cardi B

  • Cardi B is not only a singer but also an actress. In 2019, she starred in Strippers alongside Jennifer Lopez and Lily Reinhart and later appeared in Fast and Furious 9.
  • The star is known for her achievements in music. She became the 3rd artist in history to have 3 tracks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time and also broke the record for the most awards at the Billboard Music Awards among rap singers with 7 awards for 2019.
  • The celebrity's performance style has been compared to other rappers, but she stresses: her work has been influenced by Missy Elliott and Tweet.