Well, Florence Pugh bio can certainly make you feel surprised. Smartness, sexuality, passion: how she makes it? We'll see what happens in 2023


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On Instagram, she shared two funny pictures showing her joyful emotions. One was made shortly before she learned about the nomination, and the second - after.

The competition for the actress is more than serious: for the award, she will compete with Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern, Margot Robbie and Kathy Bates.

This year, another film with the participation of Florence Pugh will be released - the superhero film "Black Widow" (Black Widow), which also starred Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour, and other stars.

"It was the most unusual, crazy, enchanting experience. I mean the fact that I got to do a movie with Scarlett is really magical! Thanks to our director, the beautiful and empathetic Kate Shortland, this experience was very special. I think we did something very real and beautiful. I think people will be very surprised by the result," she shared her impressions.

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Florence has an incredible acting talent - almost all critics agree on this. She is predicted to have a great career in films and talk about her incredible acting flair. In 2018, she was nominated for a BAFTA award in the Rising Star category, but then she failed to win: Daniel Kaluuya became the winner.

In reviews of the film "Lady Macbeth", critics as one note her charisma and skill, as if she had been in the cinema for many years, and she already has dozens of works behind her.

  • Another British star is born.
  • It was an incredibly sensual and furious performance by Pugh.
  • There is no doubt that this film marks the emergence of a huge talent,

— film critics wrote in their reviews of the film.

Writer and director Ari Astaire, who directed the film "Solstice", noted that the actress has some elusive qualities that cannot be taught.

The actress herself considers her mentor Emma Thompson, whom she met on the set of the film "King Lear" (King Lear).

Personal life

Florence Pugh is dating Scrubs star Zach Braff, 44. The couple has yet to publicly confirm their romance — they don't appear in public together — but they were seen holding hands while walking in New York in April last year.

The age difference with her beloved Florence, apparently, does not bother. When a subscriber of the actress, having seen Zach's comment from her, pointed out his age (“you are 44 years old”), Florence replied something like this:

At the premiere of "Little Women" in December last year, they were both present, but posed separately.

Under what circumstances and when Florence and Zach met is unknown, but given that they move in the same environment, they probably met through work or mutual acquaintances.

The actress is very close to her grandmother Pat and often spends her free time with her.

Pugh and her Little Women co-stars have a group chat. It's called Big Chicks. The actresses became very close while working on the film, and they were united, according to rumors, by their love for the well-known American burger chain Wendy's.

Read more on her bio:

Florence is not only an actress, but also a talented musician. She writes music, plays the guitar and piano. Videos with her covers can be easily found on YouTube.

Florence is on Instagram. She admitted that social networks have always been something of a joke and entertainment for her. But then she turned her attention to their negative side.

Florence is close friends with Timothée Chalamet. She even gave him a nickname - Timothy Shalamala-bing-bong. They spend time not only on the set, but also outside of it, for example, they go to football together. At the same time, there was never a romantic relationship between them.