Digital processing allows you to get a virtual spatial sound. The upper channels in the 7.1.2 configuration allow you to create the effect of a realistic acoustic field, immersing yourself in sound. You can play audio files from different media, mobile devices.


Bose 500 vs 700 Palatine
2022 Bose 500 vs 700 - chosing the best

Digital sound projection uses from a few pairs to dozens of speakers directed in different directions. The technology makes full use of reflections from walls and ceilings to get the most voluminous sound picture possible with greater clarity, depth and detail. The sound flies around the listener just as if there was a home theater in the room:

The disadvantage of devices with digital sound projection is their price, as well as the requirements for the room: the walls must be made of a material that reflects sound well: concrete, brick, wood. At the same time, embossed surfaces that scatter sound - cabinets, shelves, bedside tables, sofas, not to mention the grandmother's carpet - will work in the negative.

What to look for when choosing a soundbar

It should be understood that manufacturers indicate exactly the peak power - the device, of course, will be able to work at such a volume, but it can produce a lot of distortion. Therefore, you should not choose end-to-end power, you always need to have a margin. The higher the peak power, the less distortion there will be at medium volume levels.


When choosing a soundbar, you need to carefully look at whether there is a subwoofer in the kit and how it is connected. Because of their small size, most soundbars cannot accommodate large speakers to reproduce deep bass. This is what a subwoofer is for. Of course, it can also be built-in, but good-quality built-in subwoofers are found mainly in soundbases.

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