The main differences between gaming laptops and ordinary laptops can be described in one phrase - these are powerful machines with a striking design, an efficient cooling system and convenient controls. These are the laptops you will find in the catalog.


Best laptop for gaming under 500 Palatine
Updated revew (2022): Best gaming laptop for under 500

To improve cooling efficiency and reduce noise levels, manufacturers resort to various tricks. Acer uses fans with shark fin blades. MSI adds turbo mode and boosts cooling by 10%. Lenovo builds the air channels so that dust does not accumulate in them. HP improves aerodynamics, increases flow rates and prevents turbulence. Asus has the most unusual technology. The company introduced a gaming laptop with a drop-down case that flaunts the internal components. Previously, Asus released a laptop with a docking station that hid an external graphics card and a liquid cooling system.

Work laptops have a much simpler cooling system: a small, quiet fan and a single heat pipe. Models with mobile processors Intel Celeron, Intel Atom and AMD A-series completely manage with passive silent cooling of the radiator.


Best laptop for gaming under 500 are demanding on the speed of information processing. The RAM standard is DDR4 with a frequency of more than 2400 MHz. The minimum size is 8 GB. The golden mean is 16 GB, and the top for modern games is 32 or 64 GB. The more, the more smoothly the device works at high loads.

Standard models have memory - DDR3L or DDR4 with a frequency of 1600 MHz or more, volume - from 4 GB for watching videos and Internet surfing, 8 GB - for working in Photoshop and AutoCAD, 16 GB - for editing and analyzing big data.


Many online games - PUBG, Call of Duty Black Ops and Battlefield V - require super-fast loading of locations. They require an NVMe SSD. Its bandwidth exceeds 1 GB/s, so the transition through the map will be really smooth and seamless.

For less demanding games, a SATA III SSD with a download speed of 500-600 MB / s is sufficient. If you do not mind a 15-second wait when moving to a new location, you can limit yourself to a classic mechanical drive. This also applies to regular laptops. Any SSD speeds up the launch of the operating system and applications by about 2–2.5 times compared to a hard drive: Gaming.

Battery capacity

When working in extreme conditions, not only the temperature increases, but also the power consumption. Therefore, manufacturers install heavier and bulkier batteries in laptops with a capacity of 55 to 99 Wh. But even they are only enough for 1.5-2 hours of playing or 3-4 hours of watching videos. Laptops for study and work cost modest power consumption. A compact battery with a capacity of 35–40 Wh is enough for 5–6 hours of office tasks, and 60–70 Wh for 12–16 hours of work.