This is a completely different model that delights from the first minutes. It reflects the design approach, performance and power, which together contribute to an efficient workflow.


Best Laptop For Computer Science Students Palatine
How to choose the Best Laptop For Computer Science Students in 2022?

Which laptop to choose for computer science?

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To be a computer science student, you need a quality tool.

You should pay attention to this:

  • the screen and keyboard are the most important factors, since they affect the efficiency of work and the level of fatigue. The larger the diagonal, the better. Do not neglect eye protection systems - working with code can take many hours;
  • OS - depends on the programming environment, since it is impossible to do iOS programming on Windows. But Apple products are suitable for development for Linux servers;
  • memory and processor - the speed of code compilation will depend on them, the CPU must be high-performance and fast on one core.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV

This is a completely different model that delights from the first minutes. It reflects the design approach, performance and power, which together contribute to an efficient workflow. The machine has a full-sized 4K screen. Main characteristics:

  • Display 15.6 inches with touch panel.
  • 8-core Intel 9th ​​generation processor.
  • RAM - up to 32 GB, built-in - up to 1000 GB.
  • Safety. Thanks to the built-in infrared camera, one glance is enough to unlock the device.
  • Quality sound. Smart amplifier technology is responsible for excellent sound without distortion.
  • The kit comes with a palm rest, which makes the process of typing text and, in general, working with a laptop as comfortable as possible.

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Microsoft Surface 3

The model is attractive with its thin and light body, modern design. There are 15" and 13.5" touchscreen laptops to choose from. The user will appreciate the bright image, rich color palette. You can also count on high speed, excellent performance, long battery life. Character traits:

  • 10th generation Intel 4-core processor;
  • RAM is up to 16 GB, built-in - up to 1000 GB;
  • the weight of a laptop with a 13.5-inch display is only 1250 g, which is an advantage for those who often take it with them on the road;
  • Hello Face technology is responsible for the security and protection of the device;
  • capacious battery. The battery charge will be enough for 16 hours of use.

Why would a newcomer to programming want to learn Computer Science

Computer Science allows you to dive into the world of information technology and understand how it functions. Through physics and biology we know how the world around us lives, and CS allows us to understand how programming languages, computers, and common algorithms "live" and are used everywhere.

Why everyone needs fundamental CS knowledge

There are two categories of programmers: those who tried their best to "enter IT", learned one programming language and decided that's enough; and those who understand how everything works in the IT world, masters the computer science well enough to come up with non-standard solutions and make innovations.

The first category of specialists, as a rule, solves typical tasks, achieves average performance in their profession and does not move on. The second category takes a more systematic approach to their work, applies Computer Science and continues to study this science, which makes the possibilities for developers limitless.

Knowing how the computer works and algorithms are used, how you can apply them in everyday life and to the tasks that the business provides, you will be able to use the programming language more fully, be able to develop endlessly as a specialist, count on a high salary and all the "pluses" that IT has to offer.