The white summer color of the model will perfectly fit into any country yard. Its dimensions are 196x61 centimeters with an internal diameter of 140 cm, which is enough to freely accommodate four people.


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Lay-Z-Spa Premium Series BestWay 54112

The white summer color of the model will perfectly fit into any country yard. Its dimensions are 196x61 centimeters with an internal diameter of 140 cm, which is enough to freely accommodate four people. The capacity of the bowl is about 850 liters at 75% filling.

The inner coating has a terylene surface, consisting of a polyester thread with lusilicone in the composition. The model is equipped with a special Lay-Z-Spa massage system, which features 80 air nozzles over the entire area of ​​the bowl.

The kit includes a jacuzzi cover, thermal insulation cover, replacement cartridge. Management takes place using a small digital screen on the body of the Hot tub.

Hot tub Reviews

As for the reviews of heated inflatable hot tubs, regardless of the model and manufacturer, most of them are positive.

Buyers are pleased with the opportunity to have a private Hot tub right in their own backyard from April to October. The ease of installation and dismantling of the units, their positive effect on the skin and the whole organism as a whole is noted.

The SPA-Hot tub not only has a relaxing effect, but also has a beneficial effect on the internal organs and nervous system. Each owner of such a unit is undoubtedly happy with the purchase and advises him to all friends and acquaintances.

The only negative that our compatriots note is the inability to use the Hot tub in winter, as its surface can be damaged by frost.

The pool on your site is already a common thing, you will not surprise anyone!

Most often, site owners put a frame option, and we were no exception.

For several years in a row, we put a large frame pool on the terrace behind the house. Sometimes holes appeared in the material of the walls, but it turned out to seal them with a repair kit. But after several years of use, a hole formed on the technological seam and the frame pool had to be thrown out.

In addition, the experience of using a frame pool in our climate has shown that such a pool is not practical. During those few hot days, which the Ural summer usually pampers us with, the water did not have time to warm up to a comfortable temperature. We realized that we need to look for options with heated water.

And then we paid attention to the version of the hydromassage SPA pool from Intex.

Intex PureSpa Bubble Therapy Greywood Deluxe

We chose the Intex PureSpa Bubble Therapy Greywood Deluxe (28442) gray spa pool. Yes, the cost of such a pool is higher than frame or inflatable options.

But! The real price is the cost of the direct use of the thing. When it is possible to heat the water to a comfortable temperature, you can use the pool much more often and with great pleasure. What is the use of a more affordable option, if it was very rare to use it, only in the very heat.

Included with the pool is a bedding that needs to be laid with bubbles down. Then we connect the compressor through the hose to the pool valve to inflate the walls. We turn on the "Hydromassage mode" button on the control panel and wait about 8 minutes until the walls of the spa bath are completely filled with air.

Do the same with the lid. It is also filled with air, which avoids heat loss when the pool is not in use.

Connecting the outlets to the filter is easy. Everything is very simple and intuitive. We fill the SPA bath with water (I use water from a well through a hose) and turn on the heating.

Voila! After a few hours, your Best hot tubs 2022 of warm water is ready for use.

Best hot tubs 2022

If your family has children or grandchildren, make them, and yourself, such a gift, you will not regret it. Easy installation, comfortable use, the pleasure of being in warm bubbling water many times over pays for the money spent.

Almost every owner of a dacha or garden plot wants to equip it in the most convenient way, so many people think about installing an inflatable heated outdoor Jacuzzi. Its advantages include the fact that you can start swimming in it already with the appearance of the first rays of the sun, and end the season - along with the fall of the leaves. This is due to the fact that the inflatable Hot tub has heated water. This feature makes swimming pleasant even at low air temperatures outside.

What it is? An inflatable Jacuzzi looks practically no different from a regular Hot tub for a summer residence. But in terms of functionality, there are significant differences. Such products, as a rule, have: water heating, air massage, hydromassage and much more. All inflatable hot tubs are equipped with automatic filtration and cleaning functions. This greatly simplifies the process of cleaning and changing the water. Due to the two-layer material, maximum strength of the product is ensured.

The inner layer of the inflatable jacuzzi is made of composite fibers, and the outer layer is made of a laminated PVC base. Even if, when bathing, several adults lean on the walls at once, the product will not deform, and will perfectly cope with the load.

Common models of inflatable hot tubs are designed for four adults. Their standard height varies between 1.6 - 1.9 meters, with a volume of 1500 cubic meters.