Your gazebo, terrace, and maybe a full-fledged backyard kitchen should become a place of attraction for family and friends; a place that will bring everyone together for communication. We talk about this in more detail in our article on backyard kitchens. The gas grill plays a special role in this context. It should harmoniously fit into the space and decorate it.


Best gas grills under $500 2022 Palatine
How to choose the Best gas grills under $500 2022 in 2022?

Gas grills: Style

This is a purchase for years, so when choosing, you need to think about how its design is modern not only today, but also in five, and maybe ten years. It is clear that today everything is changing very rapidly, and it is difficult to look so far, but still trust your taste and stop at a model that, in your opinion, will be modern for at least a few years, until you decide to buy a new gas grill. In this regard, you will certainly want to consider models with mirror-polished corner grill elements or, conversely, more conservative black or matte gray; correct body lines; with illumination of the oven and burner control knobs, etc. Based on these and other points, you can get an idea of ​​a harmonious stylish picture that will not lose its relevance for several years.

Warranty and service

Do not forget to clarify the terms of the warranty and post-warranty service before you make a final purchase decision. Agree, if something breaks down and needs repair / replacement, it is better to do it under warranty than for money.

Some manufacturers of the best gas grills under 500 2022 offer a lifetime limited warranty on their grills. It is called limited because for some elements of the design the warranty covers the entire life of the grill, while for some parts - 10.5 years, 1-2 years. As a rule, these are elements that are subject to faster wear. In any case, the grill must be handled with care, not overheated, periodically cleaned (it's easy) and it will last a long time.

Of course, each claim is considered by the manufacturer or its representative individually, and not always the case can be recognized as a warranty. It will not be difficult for the manufacturer to identify a factory defect or the fault of the buyer in the breakdown. Often this can be seen in the photos or videos that are requested in such situations.

Leading brands do not tend to arrange bureaucracy. If the part is out of order due to the fault of the manufacturer and it will be obvious, then it will be changed without unnecessary red tape. Of course, this will require some effort from you. And if the breakdown occurred through your fault, then you will have to pay for the repair or replacement of the part.

It should be noted one more significant fact: the warranty applies to gas grills when used in everyday life by the first buyer. Most manufacturers refuse a guarantee for a household model when it is used in a cafe, restaurant, since in this case the grill is subjected to increased loads and different people have access to it, who are unlikely to treat it as their own. For professional use, some manufacturers may offer a warranty of, say, six months or offer very discounted prices for spare parts. Although, it should be noted, cafes and restaurants are increasingly using good household grills in their work, as the dishes in them are tastier and juicier.

In this context, it is necessary to say about the grills of the leading brands, which are offered on the Internet at lower prices than the market average. Such grills are imported to Russia, mainly from Europe, bypassing the official representative offices of these brands in our country. Since each grill has a serial number, the warranty for them in Russia will be denied. But more importantly, gas equipment settings differ from country to country. Uneven or, for example, excessive flames on burners is something that can be easily encountered. The official service of this or that brand will not be engaged in the replacement of nozzles or other modernization of gas equipment.

Broil King Regal 490

The Broil King Regal 490 gas grill is a symbol of the Broil King brand, it is the best-selling grill from its premium segment. Rich basic equipment, stylish design and well-thought-out culinary system - all this is aimed at ensuring that it gives positive emotions.

The Regal 490 is packed with everything a real grilling fan needs. Powerful double-sided cast-iron grills, an electric spit, a side burner, illuminated handles and a cooking system from Broil King will not leave you indifferent to this grill.

Externally, the model is similar to the Broil King Baron 490, but the lid of the Regal 490 is higher and deeper. The control panel is identical in shape and design to that of the Imperial 690 XL, the most expensive and largest model of the brand. The cast-iron grate of this grill is more massive than that of the Broil King Baron 490. Its size is 65x49 cm. The extra 5 cm in depth gives a good increase in the area for cooking (for the Baron it is 65x44 cm).

Large tables with compartments for sauces, spices and hooks for tools on the front; as well as shelves for dishes / accessories at the bottom of the cabinet add functionality and convenience to the grill.

Broil King Regal S 590 Pro

The gas grill Broil King Regal S 590 Pro is designed for voluminous tasks. It looks more massive and solid than grills of similar size from other series of the Canadian manufacturer. And of course, it is more carefully worked out in terms of design. The unobtrusive illumination of the grill handles very interestingly emphasizes the silhouette of the facade in the dark.

Large side tables, one of which has a burner, a powerful skewer with a rear burner (it can fit three chickens at a time), a very voluminous double-walled lid and massive stainless steel grates (81x49 cm), azure illumination of the handles. A beautiful, stylish grill, in which gloss is harmoniously combined with restraint. To some, it may even seem concise, but at the same time it is extremely practical. It will decorate your suburban space.