Fashion for the next season is developing in several directions - 90s, minimalism and unisex. We are sure that every trend will find its fan. Explore the spring / summer 2021 trends and update your wardrobe.


5 fashion trends 2021 Palatine
What awaits us in 2021? We explore key styles, silhouettes and colors in clothes, shoes and bags and tune in to the right fashion wave for the new season.

Open back

The canon dress of French actress Mireille Dark in the movie Tall Blond in a Black Boot (1972) looks like it was created for fashion videos on TikTok. Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams offered his own version of the classic movie suit (which was continued in 1975 by Julie Christie in the comedy "Shampoo"), complementing it with a décor that simulates a thong. See examples here:


From Prada nylon shawls to Fendi capes, it seems that in 2021 it will be difficult for us to part with our favorite blanket, even when we leave the house. However, this does not need to be done.


The main character of the series "Queen's Move" Beth Harmon set the trend for the next year: now we will see the pattern in the form of a checkerboard not only in interior Instagram accounts, but also in top fashion bloggers. Pay attention to the Chanel pre-fall 2021 collection and the Spanish brand Gimaguas, this print is ideal even for those who “do not wear things with prints”.

Second hand

If you do not want to miss the purchase of second-hand online, be guided by your exact measurements. Any good consultant will gladly tell you about the size chart of the item you like, whether it's a pair of jeans straight from the 00s or a little black Gucci dress from the Tom Ford era.

White total bow

The Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer 2021 collection is a visual aid for everyone who wants to adapt a white total look to life. The main thing is to refrain from red wine, switch to lighter drinks.