Electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than analogues, but still harmful.


How harmful vapour is for pregnant women Palatine
Smoking electronic cigarettes is in great fashion today…

Sadly, women who smoke, even having learned that they will soon learn the joy of motherhood, cannot always immediately quit smoking. And they think that smoking this vape is not so dangerous. And this is very dangerous, since even an insignificant dose of nicotine is the most harmful way to affect the nervous system of the unborn baby. Here it is not even worth talking about serious health problems that a child may have, but the fact that he will have a weakened immune system, problems with school performance is a proven fact. And also in the course of scientific research it has been proven that smoking mothers are much more likely to have children with a tendency to various addictions.

As for wipes, there is much less harm, but it is also present, so expectant mothers should not reassure themselves that electronic cigarettes are harmless. The fact is that in this state, a woman is already responsible not only for herself, but also for the baby, so there can be no talk of any addictions.


Smoking electronic cigarettes is in great fashion today thanks for Vapour Store UK. People with this habit sincerely believe that they can enjoy themselves without fear of dying from cancer. However, smoking wipes, even without a nicotine base, is still a topic of discussion in terms of health safety, both for the vipers themselves and those around them.

Based on the foregoing, it is permissible to draw certain conclusions.

That is, electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than analogues, but still harmful. So, for those who really care about their health, they should be abandoned. And consume only what is useful for the body, and leave all health problems to smokers.