Electronic cigarettes have been developed as another quit smoking option.


How vape works: how an electronic cigarette works Palatine
An electronic cigarette is made up of several components...

I must say, this was successful, since the way of delivering nicotine to the body remains the same - through the respiratory tract. You can choose the most comfortable device for you in almost any Vapour Store. In addition, you can independently control the amount of incoming nicotine by changing the dosage and output power.

An electronic cigarette is made up of several components. Each of them performs its function, which is the general principle of operation. Let's look at the issue in detail.

Algorithm of the device

Vapes differ significantly from each other. Nevertheless, the principle of operation remains the same regardless of the class and type of device. It consists of several stages.

  • 1. Liquid from a tank, cartridge or tray is fed through a wick, consisting of cotton or linen, to the spiral.
  • 2. The user activates the device by pressing a button or directly by tightening.
  • 3. The circuit is closed, the electric current from the battery is supplied to the spiral.
  • 4. It heats up to a certain temperature.
  • 5. The liquid is converted to steam.
  • 6. When puffed, it is fed from the coil through the vapor chamber, shaft and mouthpiece into the mouth or directly into the lungs of the user.

As you can see, there are several insignificant differences in the principle of operation. However, they are decisive for the flavor characteristics and the amount of steam.

Difference in components

The classes of electronic cigarettes differ significantly in terms of design. Let's talk about what they consist of and what role this or that part plays.

Battery Can be built-in or removable battery. In some devices, the number of batteries can be up to 4 pcs. Electronic cigarettes use batteries with an output current of 30 A.

Advanced models have special holes for gas outlet. This is necessary for critical situations where the battery is used incorrectly, which creates a risk of explosion. With a special hole, the components will boil off rather than explode. This is only relevant for mech mods.

Electrical circuit

The vast majority of devices use a special board that has many protection mechanisms. They are as close to the user as possible and are undemanding to careful operation, forgive many mistakes for those who do not want to delve into the intricacies of the vape.

On the boards, you can adjust the output power, activate various modes of operation. For example, thermal control. On certain materials, the mod will work in such a way that it never overheats the coil, ensuring comfortable vaping.

Mechanical mods are devoid of circuit boards. Electric current is supplied to the atomizer directly from the battery. They are more demanding on the user, but provide more room for creativity.