Google Docs is a great time saver as it doesn`t get cluttered with unnecessary features. But if you dig a little deeper, you`ll find plenty of extra features on the site.


5 Google Docs features Palatine
Give your fingers a rest and try typing with your voice…

Voice input

1. Give your fingers a rest and try typing with your voice. On the "Tools" tab, select "Voice Input", click on the microphone icon and speak. You can use the commands "point", "comma", "exclamation mark", "question mark", "new line" and "new paragraph".


2. The voice input function can also be used to transcribe audio recordings. These can be interviews, podcasts, and so on. The service does a good job of recognizing the recorded voice, just like this service does


3. To see the definition of a word, use the combination Ctrl + Shift + Y or Command + Shift + Y. However, this only works with the initial forms.


4. You can search for information on the Web without leaving Google Docs. Open the Browse function with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I or Command + Alt + Shift + I. The topics that you wrote about earlier will be displayed. You can also find the information you need on Google and attach it to the document.


5. It is possible to add images from Google Photos to documents. Open the Insert menu, select Image and click Add from Google Photos. You can also insert pictures from Google Drive or simply from the Internet.